Seekhle Kebab Learning Bites: 6 Tips on Telephone Etiquette

Feeling hungry for learning? We have just the thing for you. Taking inspiration from the famous dish – Seekh Kebabs, we have started this series of learning bites with quick tips on a particular topic with easy application in your daily work.

Enjoy reading this Business Etiquette Seekhle Kebab with your favorite chutney i.e. Action on the learning.
6 tips on getting the most out of official calls. Telephone Etiquette:

1. Respect Time:
a.       if it’s a scheduled call make sure you start and end on time
b.      if it’s unscheduled check with the other person is it a good time

c.       stick to work hours of the other person when calling them unless they requested odd hours call

2. Location of your call: choose to make the call from your workstation, meeting room, or office premise according to its agenda

3. No "Guess Who?" game please: you can play the guess who game with friends and family but not on an official call

4. No eating or chewing something while on call: it is distracting as well as disrespectful to chew something when talking to someone, whether on phone or face to face

5. Avoid multitasking: it is distracting for you and the other person on the phone

6. Always call back if you told them you would: this will convey your sincerity and ability to be organized despite being busy

Bonus Tip: use a good set of earplugs or headphones, it will really help keep the outside disturbances away and they greatly enhance your voice clarity to the listener. Pick 1 up from Amazon if you like, my favorite is the Sennheiser CX 275.

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