How to fit in your Tie: 3 Essential Tips on building your wardrobe for work

Does your company mandate wearing a tie to work? Of course not just the tie, everything else that goes with it as well! Deciding on a particular dress code for its employees is also a brand-building exercise for organizations. On an individual level, it is also a personal brand building exercise. Many e-commerce advertisements these days are highlighting the same.
So the next time you go shopping (either online or from stores), keep in mind these 3 common errors men make when shopping for that ‘formal look’:
1.      Not checking the shirt-collar fit and type: Each brand has its own fit. When trying out a shirt, you must close the collar button to see if it leaves a 1-2 finger gap. Wearing a tie will then become a not so uncomfortable experience. And we will end up cribbing less about the compulsory tie policy. You can also buy a shirt 1 size up and get it tailor fit from your preferred tailor. Also, figure out the different types of collars. Not each one
2.      Trousers with less or no waistline margin: Ensure that there is a 2 inch waistline margin at the back of the trouser. When giving it for alteration ask the attendant to ensure the margin is not cut. Also, avoid buying a waist size that is an absolute fit, thinking you can get the waist increased later in case you put on. Or even in the fantasy of losing weight since you joined the gym recently. Rather do the opposite, buy one size up and get it fitted, just like the shirt, leaving the margin for future alteration.
3.      Buying Formal Shoes Online, without trying them first at store: Lots of discounts and cashback offers have prompted many people to buy shoes online. Each person has different type of feet, and you may not necessarily be comfortable stepping into other’s shoes, even if it’s the same size. So try out a shoe before you make the final call. Prefer brown or black, laced shoes, which also have a comfortable insole. You can pick up a belt of the same color from the same outlet/brand which solves your purpose of matching them both. And totally avoid white socks.
Even if you are going for the tailor-made option, do discuss the above to ensure that your money is invested and not wasted. So next time around you are asked to wear a tie at work, you would naturally wear a smile with it.