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Seekhle Kebab Learning Bites: 8 Tips on Office Lunchtime & Cafeteria Etiquette

Feeling hungry for learning? We have just the thing for you. Taking inspiration from the famous dish – Seekh Kebabs, we have started this series of learning bites with quick tips on a particular topic with easy application in your daily work.

Enjoy reading this Business Etiquette Seekhle Kebab on Office Lunch Etiquette with your favorite chutney i.e. Action on the learning.

Etiquette during office lunch is an important aspect many times overlooked, and it is an opportunity where we can strengthen the bonds between team members and colleagues. Here are 8 tips on manners and etiquette during lunchtime at work:

1. Respect Time: a very extended lunch is both a waste of your time and detrimental to workplace productivity

2. Respect others' food preferences: this is not the time to point out why your colleague doesn’t eat this or that, or why the diet they follow is useless. Food is a personal choice and we must respect that

3. Wait for all to be ready: if some people are still warming their food, or waiting for their order, wait to start. If they ask you to start irrespective, offer them first

4. Share your food but seek permission before you dig into others': and always use a spoon or fork to take food. Down south in India, if the right hand is used to eating food, the left hand is used to serve

5. Forget personal grudges at the lunch table: if you don’t like a colleague, it is still ok if they join for lunch and you must have a normal conversation with them

6. No loud conversations and laugh riots in the cafeteria: it is a public place and we need to maintain decorum

7. Phone away: avoid indulging in your phone when you are eating with others and have a peaceful lunch

8. If you are out for lunch with the team, follow proper dining etiquette

Lunchtime in the office is both a break and a networking platform. You could always have lunch with different stakeholders on different days and build relationships with them. Hope you found the above tips useful.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below, and your lunch directly with me 😊.

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