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Seekhle Kebab Learning Bites: 5 Office Common Areas and their Etiquette

Feeling hungry for learning? We have just the thing for you. Taking inspiration from the famous dish – Seekh Kebabs, we have started this series of short articles with quick tips on a particular topic.

Enjoy reading this Business Etiquette Seekhle Kebab on Office Common Area Etiquette, including Lift, Corridor, and workstation, with your favorite chutney i.e. Action on the learning.

5 Office Common Areas and their Etiquette:

1. Entrance & Parking:

a. Co-operate with the security personnel, greet them with a smile, and get to know their names
b. Don’t run to the lift, it will come back

c. Park in your slot only, and please do it responsibly, following the markings or instructions from the attendant

2. Lift:

a. Press the button in the direction of your travel – up arrow for going up, down arrow for down
b. Let people exit first and then enter
c. Stand facing the door, without obstructing it. Stand at the back if you need to get down at a higher floor and so on
d. If the lift door is closing rush towards the buttons and don’t put your hands in between
e. Stop that conversation (on the phone or with a colleague): avoid "I am in the lift, hello, hello). The lift will only take a few minutes and you can continue talking after you exit

3. Corridor:

a. Walk with a smile at a normal pace, greet people as you go, but not very loudly
b. Avoid gathering along with 2-3 people and block the passage

c. If others have blocked the passage, say “excuse me” loud and clear, then walk through them

4. Bay area & workstations:

a. Speak in a controlled volume on your phone without disturbing others
b. Never peek into others work systems
c. Stand opposite the person when you go to their workstation. Avoid standing right next to them
d. Avoid eating food at your workstation, it invites germs and pests
e. No loud gatherings and noises unless it is a planned HR Activity

5. Washrooms/Toilets:

a. There is a famous saying “leave the toilet and the newspaper the way you would like it”. Basically, if you walk into a dirty washroom you would not want to use it. So when you leave the washroom you should leave it clean for the next person to use
b. Follow the instructions as posted by the admin/facilities team
c. No sprinkles on the mirror. Do not shake your hands over the basin too much
d. Avoid office gossip with your friend. You don’t know who may be sitting in the next lavatory
e. 1 paper towel is actually enough for your hands, let the water drip, and then use 1 paper towel or the hand dryer. This will reduce waste and your carbon footprint

f. If something is broken or leaking inform housekeeping, don’t just leave it for them to figure out later

Hope you enjoyed the Seekhle Kebab on office etiquette. Read more of Seekhle Kebabs:

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Please do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

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