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Why Learn Something New Everyday?

Anyone who keeps learning stays young. ~ Henry Ford

You must believe in everyday learning and practice it.

It is similar to investing money. One needs to invest on a regular basis for the long term to reap exponential benefits. Learning a skill or increasing one's knowledge reaps benefits in a similar way.

Many people believe in everyday physical workouts, dieting, working to earn, writing, or meditating. The same principle applies to the habit of learning. Our brain is like any other body part and it needs regular exercise.

Now there are 2 ways to exercise the brain i.e. first is by meditation. This is like a physical workout for the brain. It helps the brain relax, gain energy and focus, or process the acquired information and experiences. If we do not engage in this activity then our brain does it by default, through dreaming.

The second way to exercise the brain is by learning. This is like diet and nutrition for the brain. When we do regular exercise our stamina and strength improve, and our energy level throughout the day also increases.

Similarly, when we learn on a regular basis, our brain's capacity increases, irrespective of our age. The brain also learns to process more information and connect the dots. Our intuition or the inner feeling of something being right or wrong actually increases with improved learning.

There are immense benefits to learning every day. You can increase your earning power, you become more knowledgeable in a group of people, others come to you for inputs and advice and you yourself feel more capable of dealing with things better.

Learning is essential to grow and succeed in life as I have shared in a detailed article.

Automation is also a big scare in the job market. A recent article by a McKinsey director highlights the need for lifelong learning as a necessity due to automation.

If you feel you are not in a habit of daily learning, or whenever you take initiative to learn you have to stop somewhere in between, we have cool tips for you to learn how to learn.

Now, where to start? There are various ways to kick-start this process of everyday learning. 

Some of them are:

1.       Online browsing and reading
2.       Reading books
3.       Learning mobile apps
4.       Interacting with experts (within or outside your field)
5.       Taking a course (online or classroom)
6.       Going to college (regular or distance)

So why wait, go ahead and start learning. You can also follow this blog to learn something new every day.

Do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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