Seekhle Kebab Learning Bites: 7 Personal Hygiene tips in the workplace

Feeling hungry for learning? We have just the thing for you. Taking inspiration from the famous dish – Seekh Kebabs, we have started this series of learning bites with quick tips on a particular topic.

Enjoy reading the Business Etiquette Seekhle Kebab with your favorite chutney i.e. Action on the learning.

7 Tips on personal hygiene, contextualized to the Indian environment:

1. Body odor - Always carry a deodorant or perfume in your bag or keep 1 in your office drawer. In summers, body talc is a good option to help you sweat less and keep the body cool.

2. Facial grooming – Trim the beard and keep it in shape. If you shave then do it regularly, and don’t keep a 2-3 days unshaven look.
Bonus tip – in a new job, don’t change your look from the first day of interview n until the next 1 year at work.

3. Hair –Again, like the beard, the idea is to maintain it and keep it trimmed, especially the sides and rear.

4. Oral hygiene – Brush your teeth and clean your tongue twice a day as the doctors recommend, once before bed and once in the morning. After a meal, you can either rinse your mouth with water (in the washroom of course, and not while at the table) or eat a mouth freshener.

5. Smelly socks – Best way is to wear fresh socks each day and keep your shoes clean.

6. Nails and hands – Trim and cut your nails regularly. Remember to wash your hands whenever necessary including times when – you reach the office via public transport or 2-wheeler, before a meal, after a meal, and after every washroom use.

7. Farting – Holding a fart is not suggested by doctors, and thus you would need to excuse yourself to the washroom when you feel the air building up.

Ever faced a particular challenge with a colleague because of their personal hygiene? Please share your stories and experiences in the comments below.

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