Seekhle Kebab Learning Bites: 5 Tips and Etiquette on using Office Chatting Tools

Feeling hungry for learning? We have just the thing for you.

Taking inspiration from the famous dish – Seekh Kebabs, we have started this series of learning bites with quick tips on a particular topic.

Enjoy reading the Business Etiquette Seekhle Kebab with your favorite chutney i.e. Action on the learning.
Office Chatting Etiquette (Skype, Communicator, Sametime):

1. It is official communication – so keep the tone and words professional

2. Avoid Emoticons – maximum a smiley 😊 is ok

3. Check the status of the other person – Busy, Do not disturb, Away or Available. Ping accordingly

4. If it is an urgent message – try to call if possible, otherwise, don’t wait for them to reply to your Hi. Send across the main message in the first 2 pings itself

5. Never post confidential information through a chat tool

Ever got pinged something awkward? Please do share your stories and experiences in comments below.

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